The Crypto and NFT World for Dummies

Panel Discussion

22nd June - 6.30 pm


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    Hala Bou Alwan

    (Committee Co-chair) Founder & CEO - Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy

Guest Speakers

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    Karl Tlais

    Founder, Stategic Advisor - iAdvisory

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    Jawad Ashraf

    Founder and CTO - Terra Virtua

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    Wael Hamadeh

    Artist & Artwork Consultant

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    Arshad Khan

    CEO & Co-founder - The Arabian Bourse

How do you navigate the digital world? Come join the world of cryptocurrency and NFT and learn how to become a creator and a crypto-owner. If you are curious to become more than an observer, and no longer want to be ignorant or intimidated by this unseen world, then this is a must attend Conversation for you.

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