Technology Heroes Episode 7: CBDCs, Crypto and NFTs – Creating Digital Value


It was a pleasure for the Capital Club Dubai to host a discussion focused on “CBDCs, Crypto, NFTs – Creating Digital Value” in another episode of Technology Heroes Unplugged. The topical dialogue on today’s asset classes in crypto took place with Hassan Khan, CEO of TODAQ and Dr. Geoffrey Goodell, Senior Researcher at University College London, moderated in an engaging exchange with Naveed Minhas.

The conversation focused on the hype and speculation of NFTs that needs to be understood relative to the true value of crypto being a medium of exchange and an emerging asset class. The discussion further explored Hassan and Geoff’s perspectives across digital value, gold standards, CBDCs features, privacy of crypto usage, ecosystems that crypto helps evolve and macro trends that support crypto. Are NFT’s a bubble or unit of exchange? It concluded with perspectives on monetary policies and the liquidity of crypto versus a timeline to deliver stability for emerging assets.