Thomas Paoletti

Graduated in law from the University of Rome, Italy, (La Sapienza) in 1994 after having prepared his final dissertation in comparative law at Yale Law School (Connecticut, USA) as a visiting scholar. Registered with the Bar Council of Rome, he began his practice at Studio Legale Paoletti in Rome as a Partner in 1997. He became experienced in assisting clients to both domestic litigation cases and international cases in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Oman. In 2006 he obtained Magna cum Laude in Master in Public Affairs, Lobbying and Institutional Relations from the University of Rome (LUMSA). In 2008 he moved to Dubai and joined Al Bahar & Associates as a legal consultant, and he has acquired specific expertise in the Gulf States, assisting Italian companies in terms of overseas investment and internationalisation in the Middle East, offering legal support, commercial contracts, corporate law and as well as in real estate. 2014 – Established his practice Law Firm, and today he is the Managing Partner of Paoletti Legal Consultants LLP registered in ADGM, with offices in Dubai, Rome and Shanghai,  assisting domestic and international companies in cross boarding business transactions. Board Member and President of the Italian Business Council of Dubai & Northern Emirates and Vice President of Italian Social Club of Dubai.