Hamad Khoory

With a passion for art and sculpture through his earlier years Hamad Khoory completed two visual art programs with distinction after which he completed his Bachelor in architecture (BArch ’08) and Masters in architecture, with a concentration in design and research (MArch ’09) both at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, between Boston, USA and Berlin, Germany. His experience in multinational companies includes W.S Atkins, RMJM as well as Ruy Ohtake Arquitetura e Urbanismo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

LOCI is a Dubai-based practice operating in the fields of contemporary architecture, urban planning, interior architecture and product design. Established by Hani Fallaha and Hamad Khoory in 2012. LOCI is a culturally driven design-led studio that believes in the importance of context and the power of the locus to inform its design process and architecture.  

 The design philosophy of their studio is based on the knowledge that architecture and design is not an imported technology but one that is informed by and arises out of the site’s culture, tradition and history, as well as its climatic and geographic context.