Aparna Verma

Aparna Verma, the CEO of Scholars International Group, has committed her life to providing quality education for the youth of the UAE.

Scholars International Group is the owner and operator of three schools in the UAE: Dubai Scholars, Scholars International Academy and her newest school, Clarion School.

Since taking over Dubai Scholars in 1984, Aparna has lived her life facing challenges, taking risks and being an outlier. She has followed her passion for endowing younger
generations with the skills of grit, perseverance and confidence. This desire originates from her own personal experiences requiring strength and skills to survive as a woman
and succeed with the courage to make things happen, take on a challenge and beat the odds.

The organization began as a villa school originally opened by her mother, an educator herself. From those first 100 students to the over 3000 current students across the three
schools, Aparna is passionate about providing high performing schools for all students entrusted to her for their education.
At Dubai Scholars, the first Scholars International Group school, the students have achieved some of the highest results in the middle east on the Acer International
Benchmarking Test, IGCSE’s and gone on to universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and in the US, the University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins and NYU. Aparna encourages her students to follow her example of setting high standards for themselves
with honesty, integrity, and humility to give back to the lesser privileged.

She started Scholars International Academy in Sharjah as she felt that there was a need
for a good quality British education. Today, SIA is recognized as a top British school in
Sharjah being accredited by BSO and BSME. One of the only two schools in the Emirate.
It is also one of only two schools to take on the HPL- High Performance Learning
Program. Aparna’s vision for SIA is to be an outstanding school in the emirate giving its
students the best possible education.

Her latest venture, Clarion School, is the first and only progressive school in the middle
east and has come from her own philosophy on life and the future. Her commitment to
the youth of tomorrow is to ensure they are equipped with the skills to survive the world
of tomorrow. She is determined that Clarion School’s progressive curriculum will set new
standards for the education provision in Dubai.

Ms. Verma holds a BSc. degree from Georgetown University and has continued her
education attending the Principals Center at the Harvard Graduate School of
Education She has also studied interior architecture at New York’s Parsons School of
Design. She has received the Arabian Business Woman CEO of the Year.